Three Questions for Doug Ford and Sean Webster

July 25, 2023

OTTAWA, ON — For years, Doug Ford has abandoned the people of Ottawa, only to show up when he wants something. The rest of the time, he can’t be bothered to help the residents of Kanata—Carleton. 

By skipping debates and refusing to speak to the issues that matter most to families, his Conservative candidate, Sean Webster, has shown he is no different. 

Here are three questions residents in Kanata—Carleton have for Doug Ford and Sean Webster:

  1. Kanata residents are concerned about losing access to the green space they care about. Are you going to give away the protected land at Kanata Lakes to your billionaire friends just like you did with the Greenbelt? 
  2. Your billionaire friends are lobbying your government for funding to help move the Senators out of Kanata—Carleton. Will you use their tax dollars to move the arena out of their community, instead of investing it in the healthcare that residents need?
  3. You refused to commit to extending the light rail transit to Kanata, making it harder for families to access the public transit they pay into. What will you do to ensure they get their fair share of provincial transit funding? 

Residents in Kanata—Carleton deserve an MPP who will fight for them at Queen’s Park, not an MPP who will fight for Doug Ford. 

Unlike the Conservatives, Karen McCrimmon will put families, seniors and the well-being of her community first.

Carter Brownlee

Press Secretary, Ontario Liberal Party


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