Ontario Liberals to Cast Ballots for New Leader

November 24, 2023

Photo taken at the 2023 Ontario Liberal Party Annual General Meeting in Hamilton, ON
Photo taken at the 2023 Ontario Liberal Party Annual General Meeting in Hamilton, ON

TORONTO, ON – On Saturday, November 25, 2023, and Sunday, November 26, 2023, Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) members will cast ballots at local Leadership Election Votes (LEVs) to choose their new Leader, and Ontario’s next Premier.

Over 100,000 members within the OLP are eligible to cast ballots this weekend — making this Leadership Election by far the largest in Ontario Liberal history.

44,000 members were eligible to vote during the 2013 OLP Leadership, and 38,000 members were eligible to vote during the 2020 OLP Leadership.

“Our competitive leadership race has taken us to every corner of our province, seen us sign up a record number of new members, and most importantly, have conversations with Ontarians about what matters the most to them,” said John Fraser, Interim Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. ​

“I look forward to joining the tens of thousands of Ontario Liberals who will make their voices heard this weekend, and rallying around our new Leader on December 2nd.” ​

After party members adopted a new system for electing their next Leader at the March 2023 Annual General Meeting, the Leadership Election Votes (LEVs) will take place under a direct voting system.

Under the new leadership election system, each constituency association shall be allocated 100 points, to be awarded to leadership candidates based on the proportion of support they receive. Members will directly cast their votes for their preferred Leadership candidate using a ranked ballot, giving every member a say in the election of a new Leader.

50 points have been allocated to each Ontario Young Liberal Student Club, and 5 points to each Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission Club. ​

142 associations will vote as part of the Leadership Election Votes (LEV) this weekend: 124 Provincial Liberal Associations; 8 Women's Clubs; and 10 Student Clubs.

Ballot counting and the announcement of round-by-round results will take place on Saturday, December 2, 2023.

Carter Brownlee

Press Secretary, Ontario Liberal Party


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