Ontario Liberals call for OPP investigation into Ford-Conservative MPP Vincent Ke and more than a dozen linked corporations

Documents reveal 15 shell corporations, a $25,000 government grant, and ties to Conservative MPP office and donors

Ontario Liberals are calling on the OPP to investigate whether the incorporation of 15 companies by his staff and/or their family members, and the awarding of $25,000 to one of those companies give rise to potential breach of trust violations by MPP Vincent Ke and / or his office.

OPP Letter - Vincent Ke.pdf

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Following a tip from an anonymous whistleblower, a number of concerning findings have been unearthed regarding a scheme by MPP Vincent Ke, his staff, donors and their families, involving a $25,000 provincial government grant and at least 15 hidden shell corporations.

The following findings have been forwarded to the OPP for further investigation:

  • Vincent Ke’s staff (or their family members) have incorporated 15 organizations (13 since Ke’s election in 2018).
  • The Agincourt Chinese Canadian Association - an organization that lists the spouse of Mr. Ke’s MPP Assistant as a Director - received $25,000 in taxpayer funds from the Seniors Community Grant Program. There are no publicly available indications this money was spent to benefit seniors.
  • That same spouse is also the owner of the property where this organization is registered and donated $1,190 to Mr. Ke.
  • One of the companies associated with a family member of Mr. Ke’s staff also shares an address with Mr. Ke’s current campaign office at 466 McNicoll Avenue.

Vincent Ke - Shell Corporations.pdf

PDF - 108 Kb

Vincent Ke needs to be transparent and come clean as to why his staff set up all these shell companies, what role Mr. Ke or his office played in securing the $25,000, and how those taxpayer funds were spent.

Doug Ford needs to explain whether Mr. Ke’s conflicts of interest were disclosed when the grant was given out and whether there was any ministerial intervention to ensure that the company received the grant?

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