Conservative For-Profit Healthcare Scheme Can’t be Trusted

January 16, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK – After years of short-changing our public healthcare system and using Bill 124 to manufacture a staffing crisis in our hospitals, the Conservatives have pressed ahead with a plan to “fix” their Ford-fabricated problem by expanding for-profit healthcare in Ontario.

“Doug Ford claims that families won’t have to pay out of pocket for care, but we know that families are already having to use their credit cards to access basic services,” said MPP John Fraser, Interim Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. “We can’t forget, this is the same Doug Ford that promised, unequivocally, he wouldn't touch the Greenbelt, so how can Ontarians take his word on healthcare?"

In 2021, the Auditor General of Ontario produced a report on outpatient surgeries, identifying major issues with extra fees, upselling and inappropriate charges, particularly for cataract procedures. This Conservative government has taken no action to address these concerns, and today, they offered no assurances that they would protect against profiteering in healthcare.

“Doug Ford and Sylvia Jones refused to detail how they will fund these clinics or give assurances on how their plan will deliver actual value for our healthcare system,” said Dr. Adil Shamji, MPP for Don Valley East and Ontario Liberal Health critic. “There are too many details missing in this announcement, and the government’s track record inspires zero confidence for the delivery of safe, equitable, fair and cost-free healthcare to Ontario’s patients.”

Instead of pushing for privatized healthcare that will lead to worse patient outcomes, the Conservatives must act on the advice of our healthcare professionals: 

  • Ensure all Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) are not-for-profit.
  • Link IHFs with hospitals that can oversee their operations.
  • Ensure the compensation provided to IHFs for procedures is identical to those paid in public hospitals.
  • Implement protections against profiteering and upselling.

Carter Brownlee

Press Secretary, Ontario Liberal Party


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